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Cydney is a visual artist based in Santa Fe, New Mexico working primarily as a painter, while still experimenting with a variety of mediums and subjects to foster an ever-expanding practice.

In her work she explores themes of interconnectivity and balance between boundless nature and confined societal pressures of the modern world.

Williams first major show was at an exhibition in Pinta Art Fair during Art Basel, Miami in December 2018. She then went on to participate in Monira Foundation’s residency program (formally known as Mana Contemporary's artist residency) from May 2019 to Feb 2021 in Jersey City, NJ. She has since shown in galleries in Los Angeles, New York City, Jersey City, Miami, and Burlington, VT. Recently, Cydney has curated Monira Foundation Presents: Longing for Something, featuring 21 artists in an exhibition at Mana Contemporary in Jersey City, NJ.


Cydney holds a B.S. in Art Education from the University of Vermont and has been trained and mentored by NYC artist Dorothea Rockburne as well as other prominent New York artists. She created and hosted Tip N’ Tell, a podcast to foster a casual conversation with professional artists that empowers emerging creatives of all ages. Williams is dedicated to not only creating space within her work for the viewer to explore their own expansion, but also has a passion for creating spaces to support other artists.

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